Past Shows

Shalom Hanoch – “Exit” Live show – March 5th 2011

Saturday, March 5th 8:00 & 10:30 pm

Cañada College Theater

4200 Farm Hill Blvd.

Redwood City, 94061

First show starts at 8:00 pm sharp (SOLD OUT)
Second show starts at 10:30 pm (Online orders is closed, tickets are available at the Theater. Call 408-829-5859)


Tickets prices for the 10:30pm show: $65, $75

“Yetzia” (Exit) Tour- Hanoch has been touring with this special concert for
years and continues to do so today. Alone on stage and accompanied solely by
his long-time musical producer, partner and keyboard player, Moshe Levi, the
performance strips Shalom’s songs to their minimal form: vocals, piano and
acoustic guitar alone, allowing the songs to be revealed in all their
beauty, emotion and complexity. So far the show has drawn thousands of fans
and music lovers as diverse as the show itself. The unique format of the
show- crowd participating in song selection, an innumerable song collection,
no rehearsals- creates a different show each and every time, always
captivating and successful.
For a few decades now, singer Shalom Hanoch has been considered one of
Israel’s biggest rock legends. Often compared with “giants” such as Neil
Young and Mick Jagger, Hanoch has always been a highly acclaimed
artist/arranger, composer and songwriter, as well as one of the most highly
rated performers on the scene. Hanoch’s music ranges from pure Rock & Roll
to delicate, intimate, acoustic songs, which have always played a major roll
in Israeli culture (“Maya”, “Why Should I Take it to Heart”, “Guitar &
Violin”, “Dej’a- Vu”). On stage for over 20 years now, Shalom is still a
major attraction for all audiences, youth & adults alike. Not to be missed!