The Civil face of the Israeli society

A lecture with excerpts from current Israeli movies (in Hebrew or English)

Hosted by author and director Udi Ben Seadia

The Israeli society has undergone considerable changes over the last few years, especially within the economic and social realms. Economically, the high-tech revolution brought great prosperity to Israel, as the rest of the world, has been hit hard by the downturn. Socially, Israel has had unprecedented success in welcoming over one million new immigrants, through “aliya”, during the past decade, as it strives to become a “normal society just like the rest of the world”.
These new immigrants have created a warm and vibrant mosaic altering the face of modern society and leading it in new and unexpected directions.
The lecture will cover a number of such changes while taking a glance at scenes from both the old and new Israeli cinema.

Udi Ben-Seadia studied Theatre directing at the University of Tel-Aviv.
He had published numerous satirical columns and short stories in several leading Israeli newspapers. A collection of his stories was published by “Ha’Kibbutz Hmeuchad” publishing house.
Ben-Seadia served as community “Shaliach” (emissary) to the Jewish community of New Jersey. During this time he was responsible for, among other cultural areas, lectures, presentations, event organization and exposing the local community to Israeli culture. His one-man show, “The King of the Village”, written and directed by him, is currently and successfully premiering throughout Israel.