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Dr. Tzachi Ben Zion Comedy Show – May 29th 2010

“Woman, food, drinks, and a man” the best comedy show presented by VP of the Soroka hospoital sexologist Dr. Tzachi Ben Zion

ד”ר צחי בן ציון במופע הבידור :” אוכל, שתיה, גבר, אישה”!
הסקסולוג וסמנכ”ל בית החולים סורוקה ד”ר צחי בן ציון, במופע “אוכל שתייה, גבר, אשה” – מציג בדרכו ההומוריסטית סטנד אפ בנושאי זוגיות, סקס, גברים נשים ומה שביניהם. הביקורות מסכימות כי המופע החדש “ישכיב אתכם, תרתי משמע..”

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Saturday, May 29th 9:00 PM

Cubberley Community Center- Theatre

 4000 Middlefield Rd.

Palo Alto, CA 94303

Before placing an order, please call 408-530-8243 to check availability and reserve your seats.
Tickets: $65, $55 phone order only

Please note that an extra of $5 per ticket is charged when you order online (credit card and shipping charges)
Dr. Tzachi Ben Zion in one of the most successful comedy shows in Israel- “Woman, food, drinks, and a man.”
A comedy show based on scientific statistics from the sexologist Dr. Tzachi Ben Zion, a psychiatrist and urologis and the vice president of the Soroka hospoital in Israel. In his show, he presents the problems he has seen in couples he has treated in a humoristic way. All critiques agree that this show will literally leave you breathless!
Not to be missed !

Interesting interview with Dr. Tzachi Ben Zion