Re-vital of Israel with “Hatikva” musical

The “Revital of Israel” dance ensemble is arriving for a tour in the US and Canada every year during April – May for the Israeli Independence Day celebrations! – This could be the perfect event for your area!

The ensemble, known for its spectacular and original musicals among which are “Jerusalem for ever” and “Israel- from Genesis until Tomorrow”, is arriving with a new hour and a half long musical called “Htikva” (Hope).

Hatikva tells the story of the history of the State of Israel from its beginning until today. On the macro level, the musical describes the founding of the state as described in our national anthem. On the micro level, it talks about the Jewish soul-from birth through circumcision, Bar-Mitzva, army, wedding and so on.

The plot is woven with well known Israeli songs such as Hava Nagila, as well as songs from military ensembles of the different corpses of the Israeli army, love songs etc., all given new interpretations for our dancers-singers.

The dances in this performance, just like all other “Revital of Isreal”‘s other dances, begin with “Chid Play” dances, continue with Horra, Modern Jazz, folk dancing and more.

The performance will take place on an especially impressive stage back. The video, which can be considered as an amazing spectacle on its own, describes the epos behind Hatikva through pictures and movies all translated into English.

All of these factors contribute to the success of a perfect evening.

The performance is an unforgettable experience both for the family and for the community. In fact, it will have an impact on anyone who sees it. If you are interested in being a part of this experience, please hurry and book your convenient date.

A video from their show “Israel – From Genesis until Tomorrow”: